2.5.2 now available!

The second FATXplorer v2.5 update is now available. This update is a fairly large maintenance release put together based on feedback and bug reports.

To obtain this update, simply Check for Updates in FATXplorer or redownload.


This update also brings an updated 16202 USB patch. It resolves a problem with content copying errors when the used space reached 230 GB.

Use the Console USB Patcher wizard to get the new kxam.patch. Overwrite the old one on your storage device and you will be set. You do not need to reformat your USB.


-Fixed a memory issue with clearing URL partitions during formatting and with the Partition Tools.

-Fixed a problem with validation of folder names in the Content/Recovery View.

-Fixed a problem with enumeration names being truncated to 1 letter.

-Timeout problems with license validation have been addressed.

-Progress glitches on the Windows taskbar have been fixed. (Why did no one ever report this before? This problem has been present for over a year and is VERY noticeable!)

-Fixed some UI glitches. (Open with FATXplorer’s… button is now the same size as Integrate into Windows.)

-Fixed sorting errors that occurred in the Recovery View when sorting the columns in the partition root.


-Formatting tools have been enhanced with better text and instructions. The KB pages on the site have also been improved with a better and easier to understand format. NOTE: Some of these pages may be blank – they are still being updated.

-It was recently discovered that the console will not accept USB storage devices with sector sizes other than 512 (0x200) bytes. Larger sector sizes can be seen in newer large (3 TB+) external USB hard-drives. FATXplorer has been updated accordingly to fail to format and detect these devices to avoid confusion. Before you buy a large USB for use on your Xbox 360 console, check with the manufacturer that the device has the appropriate sector size.

-Improvements to the driver installation and better handling of status errors.

-Lots of improvements to text in message boxes and labels throughout the application.

-Overhaul of the errorlog format for improved performance and reliability. It also collects some more information about the operating system to improve internal support services.

-Removed the Licensing ribbon item.

-Internal manifest changes for better Windows 7/8 compatibility.

-The right click menu on the system tray icon now conforms to the skin/theme style.

-Internal enhancements to the RSS news reader and settings system.

-Several smaller enhancements.

Driver Updates

This is the first update that includes an updated integration driver. To update the driver, just look on the Start Page. You just have to click one button to install the update. For compatibility reasons, the driver update is mandatory if you want to use Windows Integration in this version. Also, if you decide to go back to v2.5.0 or v2.5.1, you will be asked to downgrade the driver before you can use Windows Integration in those versions. A reboot will be required after the driver update.

Changes relevant to FATXplorer:

-Added handling of the FileHardLinkInformation request (required to support NFS shares).

-Fixed a BSOD that occurred when a file is opened with the FILE_OPEN_REQUIRING_OPLOCK flag.

-Fixed a problem with processing volume labels that are 32 characters long.

New Features

There are no new features in this update.

2.5.1 now available!

The first FATXplorer v2.5 update is now available. This is a highly recommended update that you should obtain as soon as possible.

This update fixes several bugs reported by customers and enhances a few features.

To obtain this update, simply Check for Updates in FATXplorer or redownload.


-Fixed a major problem with case-sensitivity/preservation. Some users were running into some big problems that could cause duplicate folders to be created, file not found errors, and strange merging behavior. Send in a bug report if you still run into problems like this.

-Fixed device detection problem with some hard-drives that would have a few less sectors than the Security Sector’s.

-Fixed a USB formatting error on Windows 8 64bit systems.

-Content items signed with XDK recovery generated KeyVaults should now validate successfully.


-Added new XContent resume states and avatar values to the Content View property pane.

-The URL Cache partitions are now cleared during formatting procedures on devices that have them, as well as the utility partitions on hard-drives.

-Enhanced formatting tool welcome pages with better text and images.

-Windows XP support has been re-added by downgrading the .NET Framework to v4 (Client Profile).

-Links clicked in the News Feed/Updater will now open in your default browser instead of not opening at all.

-Several smaller enhancements.

Driver Updates

This update does not include any updates to the driver.

New Features

-A new tool is now included in the package: Driver Uninstaller. Like the name implies, it is a simple command line tool designed for users who want to remove the driver.

XP support to be re-added

FATXplorer v2.5 dropped support for Windows XP due to the upgrade in the framework, but due to popular request, the framework will be downgraded to provide support for Windows XP again.

It wasn’t an easy decision because I like keeping everything new and up to date, but I don’t want to leave some people in the dark.

It is still recommended that you use FATXplorer on Windows 7 or newer to take advantage of all it has to offer. If that is not available to you, FATXplorer will now function on Windows XP.

Expect v2.5.0.1 in a few days with this and a few other fixes to reported issues.

FATXplorer v2.5 released!

After a little more than a year in development, I am ready to finally release another large update for FATXplorer. v2.0 was a great release, but I think this will be the most popular release yet.

Anticipation has been very high for this version. With larger USB sizes having been craved for years and the new Windows Integration feature being highly anticipated and revolutionary, FATXplorer v2.5 is ready to deliver something truly special.

Normally a change log would go here, but since v2.5 is such a massive update, it would be impossible to list the amount of changes in one post. The Information page has been updated to reflect all the new features, that is where you want to go from here.

So what are you waiting for?!

1. Read

2. Download

3. Buy

4. Enjoy


The death of v2.0

v2.0 had an excellent run, but to facilitate v2.5’s needs completely, it has been completely deactivated and is no longer supported. While the trial version will still function if you manage to find an old link, licensed online copies will now fail to validate with a 400 not found error.

If you have a specific need that v2.5 does not currently fulfill, contact FATXplorer support and a working copy of v2.0 can be sent to you.

Before you download…

Download and install .NET Framework v4.5. This is a required component and FATXplorer will fail to start if you don’t have it. It is relatively new so there is a good chance that you may not have it. Make sure you check Windows Update for the latest updates to your computer as well.

Note to existing customers

Please check your email. Information on how to properly upgrade to v2.5 was sent to all customers.

If you didn’t get an email, check your spam folder.

If you no longer have access to the email you used to order, contact FATXplorer support for assistance.


I look forward to hearing some feedback on this release. Don’t be scared to comment on this post!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy FATXplorer as much as I did while making it.


2.5 being released this week!

UPDATE: Release will be next week due to holiday time constraints. FATXplorer is pretty much done though, all that’s left is the website info update!

If everything goes according to plan, you can expect v2.5 to be officially released some day this week. Over the next few days the contents of the site will undergo changes in order to reflect the new version.

Once v2.5 goes live, v2.0 will die. Due to the necessary server changes, which I will hold wait until the moment of release to alter, v2.0 will fail to start up telling you that there is a problem “decrypting keys” and such. I changed the licensing around a bit to make it much easier for you guys. Everyone will be emailed new serial numbers.

It’s been a long development cycle, but it has paid off. FATXplorer is more powerful than ever and will surely please the masses.

Keep an eye on your email and the news feed!

New KB article: Deleted Data Recovery

Spent a few hours on this one today. Some may find it confusing, but it has a lot of great information that can help those with data recovery questions. It’s not 100% final yet, check it every few days for updates!

Click here to check it out.

FATXplorer has reached near-gold status!

I have run of of things to add to the v2.5 release – which is a good thing! Once that was achieved in v2.0, it was officially released soon after. v2.5 has now reached that milestone as well.

FATXplorer v2.5 is my most ambitious project yet and brings so much to the table that the community is going to love. It has been in development for a long time and is the most stable version of FATXplorer yet.

The next step is the last beta. Existing customers will soon get an updated beta. That beta will be the last chance to report problems and suggestions, so please take advantage of it!

Once sufficient data has been gathered from the last beta regarding usability and stability, the necessary modifications will be made to finalize and publish the gold code.

While the code is near-complete, the website is not. Content will soon be updated and will take some time to complete.

I look forward to sharing what I have been working hard on for the past year or so. Keep checking back, things are about to get interesting!

First update to Beta 3 coming this weekend

UPDATE: Delayed (waiting for a driver bugfix)

Just a heads up, all customers will be getting an email soon containing a notification of an updated beta download. It fixes several issues reported by customers and contains a major driver enhancement.

This update will not be detected by FATXplorer’s updater.

If you haven’t left feedback yet, please consider doing so. The final release is approaching and so far, only a few customers have messaged me back. Even if you can’t find any bugs, suggestions or complements are always appreciated!

3 years strong

As of a few moments ago, FATXplorer has reached its 3rd birthday. I look back to the very first version and see how much the program has evolved since then. I wasn’t expecting to still be working on the project, but it has been a great learning experience and has taught me a lot about customer interaction and software development.

BIG thanks to the customers who have supported me throughout the years. The project would not be where it is today without your support.

FATXplorer has assisted thousands of people all around the world. With the introduction of deleted data recovery in v2.0, a lot of people have been able to recover their entire history of game save data. With v2.5, I hope to strike a similar blow to the community with the introduction of Windows Integration and USB formatting.

The Xbox 360 storage world is about to get even more fun. Stay tuned for an official v2.5 release very soon.


FATXplorer v2.5 Beta complete, preparing emails and such

Work on the last beta has finally concluded. The only thing missing is the Recovery View, but that will come before the final release.

Emails will be sent out at some point today. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Update: Sent!

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