There has been a sudden influx of people reporting an issue with the latest Minecraft update. It appears to be deleting a lot of peoples’ saved games and worlds.

Are you having this problem? This post will help you recover that lost save file.

First things first, report the problem to the Minecraft developers so they can fix their botched update.

Second, download FATXplorer. Open your storage device in the Recovery View.

Third, browse to this folder:¬†Content Partition:\\Content\\[E folder]\\584111F7\\00000001, where “E folder” represents the profile that owns the now-deleted saved game/world.

Fourth, find the deleted file and recover it to your PC.

Fifth, close the Recovery View and open the Content View. Select “Add Content” and then select the recovered file.

Last, load up the game and try to load your save/world. If it doesn’t say it is corrupt, you’re good to go! If it says it IS corrupt, sorry, but it’s lost forever. Click here for more information.


If you need further assistance or the above instructions don’t make sense to you, leave a comment below. Please only post a comment on this post so other people having this problem will be able to view any additional steps.