Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon an interesting article.

For those who aren’t tech-minded, .NET is what FATXplorer runs on and is the main reason it won’t work on Mac and Linux – .NET only runs on Windows operating systems. Based on that article it seems like Microsoft will be pushing to make the .NET Framework run on Mac and Linux. Assuming everything will work like it does on Windows, this may open the door to a Mac and Linux version of FATXplorer. I have had several requests for a Mac version, and in 2015, perhaps the answer will no longer be no. (-:

I will be monitoring this closely and experiment with it when possible to see what can be done. I’ll make sure to post updates on any progress on a Mac or Linux version.


The next FATXplorer update will probably come early 2015. I have been working on an unrelated, internal project for some time, but I feel as though it will soon enter a reasonably-completed stage, and give me time to finish the next FATXplorer update. It’ll have a lot of improvements and various fixes for issues reported by customers. v2.5.2 remains an exceptionally stable version, and it’s great that only minor issues have been reported since its release in February 2013. FATXplorer v2.5.3 will not be Windows XP compatible, so let this be your advanced warning to get your PC updated. FATXplorer will support Windows 7 and newer when v2.5.3 releases.

My commitment to FATXplorer is ongoing, and while updates are often far apart, the end result is always a quality release.

Xbox One FATXplorer

I have had several questions if FATXplorer will support Xbox One storage devices. The answer is currently no, and here is why:

1. The internal hard-drive is formatted NTFS. This means that if you take out the drive and connect it to your PC, Windows will automatically load everything for you.
2. External drives are very similar to the internal hard-drive: NTFS formatted. You can connect an Xbox One external drive to your PC, and with some tweaks to the MBR, Windows will load everything for you.
3. Even if Xbox One external/internal drives were formatted using a custom file system, there is currently little reason you would need to access them. Game saves are all stored in the Microsoft cloud, and locally cached copies are encrypted, likely with a per-box key, so FATXplorer would serve little purpose as a backup tool. Installed games are encrypted and tamper-proof.

Based on the above reasons, a version of FATXplorer for Xbox One doesn’t make sense at this time.


That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of 2014!