Like all hard-drives, over time, Xbox 360 hard-drives start to fail. Eventually they will fail to the point where the Xbox 360 console can no longer read the drive’s content – putting all of your gaming content out of reach. FATXplorer is usually able to help people recover most, if not all, of their data, assuming critical sections of the drive are still intact. However, there are many cases where FATXplorer can’t help, cases where critical sections of the drive are damaged. FATXplorer can’t get around this damage. There isn’t much to do in these cases except to tell people FATXplorer isn’t able to help them – a very hard sentence to say to someone who may have lost years of gaming content. That was the past, things have just changed!

Today, a new partnership is being announced with BounceBack Data Recovery. They have outstanding credentials and customers themselves have voiced their positive satisfaction with the company and their services.

What does this partnership mean?

In a nutshell, if FATXplorer support is unable to recover your data due to physical drive failure, BounceBack Data Recovery can physically repair it to a state where recovery is possible. This means that you have to ship your drive to their facility where they will professionally clean and repair your damaged drive. They will then use FATXplorer to recover as much of your data as possible, put it on a new drive, and send it to you.

How do I get started?

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