Hello everyone, it’s been quiet lately so here’s an update! There’s several topics to cover:

1. Windows 10

You probably see the post below this warning about possible risks when using Windows Integration on Windows 10. There are now plenty of customers using FATXplorer on Windows 10, and no issues have been reported. You might run into small Explorer glitches, which will be fixed in the upcoming driver update, but it’s perfectly safe to use otherwise.

2. Web Host

Over the past few months there has been a noticeable increase in site slowness and errors. Recent investigation uncovered the hosting company that hosts this website was bought out by a rather evil corporation, and the quality of service has dropped dramatically. FATXplorer will be moving to a more reliable host in the beginning of 2016.

If you are curious about what happened, this summarizes the event nicely.

3. FATXplorer Update

Unfortunately there are some tech/workstation issues at the office right now, and work on the next update is temporarily suspended. The issues are still being worked out to ensure a quality update can be produced, and you can probably still expect it to come out early next year.

Special thanks to all the people who have requested to help with original Xbox drive support! You will be contacted when something is ready.


Merry Christmas to all!