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Ah, the dreaded “unformatted” error! After purchasing a generic brand 500GB HDD (mistake #1) for my basic 4GB Xbox 360 and transferring everything over from my various memory sticks, I played my game for a while, saved, and went to bed. Mere hours later, I turned on my console and readied myself to resume my grand adventure in Dragon Age. But alas, what is this? No profiles available to log into? And…where is my saved game with over 50 hours already logged? Okay, breathe. Just go to the system settings and check the storage. It’s probably just a glitch…. Unformatted? What is this nonsense? I only played a few hours ago! Oh no, all hope is lost! In addition to Dragon Age, I had hundreds of hours logged on Skyrim, the Mass Effect trilogy, etc etc… And now it’s gone, gone like the millions of slain virtual enemies my hard drive just decided to erase. Time to assume the fetal position.

But wait! Enter Eaton Zveare, creator of Eaton Works (and it really, really works). At first, we thought for sure I had a lost cause. My hard drive would keep disconnecting during the integration process despite the fact that nobody was even touching it! Surely demonic powers were at play here. But then a thought struck me… In my futile attempts to save money, I had chosen a cheap, knockoff data transfer cable off eBay for a fraction of the price a genuine one would have cost me (mistake #2). So what if the cable was to blame? Well, we were skeptical, but “Give it a try,” said Eaton in regards to my question as to whether I ought to buy a genuine cable. So I did, and much to our surprise, it actually worked! I now have a genuine Microsoft hard drive full of all the evidence you need to see just how much of my life I waste on video games. As well as a genuine Microsoft transfer cable that I’ll have to sell off, because really, who uses those things more than once?

Thank you, Eaton. I don’t know what mystical powers the universe has granted you, but I’m glad you’ve decided to share the love by helping out us lesser mortals. Keep fighting the good fight, and to anyone out there who might be considering giving up, give this program a shot! You’ll be back to wasting your life in no time!

I was able to completely restore my failed XBox 360 hard drive using your very polished and well-written tool. After my original 360 failed to boot, I purchased another one, expecting to transfer the drive using the data transfer cable. When I tried to plug into my new machine, I got the dreaded “unformatted” message for that drive. After having a few hard drives fail in the past, I could hear why: After a few minutes, the drive would make a click and power down.

Using your tool, I managed to get everything back. I backed-up my drive in its entirety as an image, as the drive seemed to tolerate the consistent reads of the image copy but not random reads – once mounted using the Windows integration it could only go a few minutes before powering down with tons of read errors. From the backup image, I was able to mount as a drive, copy everything to a different external drive and restored to my new machine.

What amazes me is how complete and thorough your software is – the mount/backup/restore business that I did was only the tip of the iceberg, it seems. I just purchased your software, not knowing if I will need it again. But considering all the hard work you have put into this, and the time and frustration you have saved me, purchasing your product is the least I could do.

At first, I was honestly a little skeptical, but this software is amazing. The service Eaton provides in helping you get your data back from an unformatted HDD 360 drive is literally second to none. I don’t know much about computers, but it was really easy for me to use the software and follow Eaton’s instructions on the email he sends you. He always dealt with me in a very patient and polite manner and would try to answer all of my questions. Don’t believe all the things you’ll read online that’ll tell you your data is lost forever, I got pretty much everything back and it’s like nothing ever happened.

I can’t recommend this highly enough for people who were in my situation! : D

Got help recovering data from a HDD that started dying and became unformatted. Very fast replies, guided me through the entire process with clear instructions and answered all my questions. Was able to save pretty much everything on a new HDD. Would highly recommend the service!

Just so you know, I was able to recover every single save file from the drive using your unpaid version of the software. You’ll notice an order number from me so I now own the full version of your excellent software.

I think because my son turned it off straight away, none of the files had been touched so all is good and a very upset little boy this morning will be delighted tomorrow when I return his salvaged drive to him.

Brilliant, brilliant app!

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with everyone how incredibly awesome Eaton is. Not just his program, which helped me save every scrap of data from a blown hard drive, but his customer support and dedication to his client. About a month ago my Xbox 360 simply wouldn’t access the hard drive. This was about an hour after it had been working just fine. I got a message indicating an update needed to be made and that there was no hard drive. I did all the normal things. Pulled the drive and stuck it back in was first. I then went to Microsoft and got a support person on the phone who tried to walk me through some steps, but all of those steps assumed you could access something on the drive. She basically said, “I’m sorry. Your drive is dead. There’s nothing you can do.”

Nothing I can do. There’s data on this drive from the first 360. I had transferred it over to the Slim when I picked that up. Between my kids and me, we’re talking over a thousand hours of gameplay. And Microsoft can do nothing.

Needless to say, we were devastated. I started surfing and found this site. I sent a note to Eaton and there started a couple of days of activity. First I needed a new drive and a USB cable to get it connected to my laptop. Eaton helped me with the recommendations for those. When they arrived two days later, I downloaded FATXplorer and reached out to Eaton again. He walked me through step by step via email what I needed to do to get my data from the dead drive to the new one.

When I plugged the new drive in, it was as if nothing had happened. All of the login info, all the data for the games, everything… saved.

Thank you, Eaton!!!

Even if my data is not recovered your willingness to assist, and obvious expertise does not go unrecognized. My faith has been restored knowing there are people who genuinely want to help during these very frustrating (though non-life threatening) moments. I spent hours and days “chatting” with the folks at Microsoft, desperately seeking to speak to a live person and got nowhere. So no matter the outcome, please know your customer service rating is off the charts! You should feel good about yourself. So keep doing what you’re doing. People like me are sincerely appreciative.

All of my Xbox 360 game saves were accidentally deleted a couple of months ago. Xport 360 failed me so I gave up on getting the data back for a while. I tried again and found FATXplorer. This saved me! Eaton was super nice and very helpful to assist me through this with his fast and helpful responses. All of my data is back and what I’ve tested so far has worked. I would definitely recommend getting FATXplorer in case something like this happens (or if it has already happened). It is easy to use and works quickly. I can’t thank Eaton enough for helping me save my data!

Have you ever deleted all your saved games by accident? Or maybe you are just paranoid it COULD happen? Well I had these problems and Eaton and his FATXplorer program saved me BIG TIME! 122 games worth of game saves deleted in a single click and all by pure accident. When I came across this program and realized its potential I jumped straight away to get a copy.
Not only have I gotten 99% of my saves back but I have a safe and easy way to backup my Xbox360s Hard Drive INCASE anything like this happens again.
If they say time is money, then think about how much money you’ve invested in your saved games. This program is more than worth it to keep them safe!

The 360 deleted all my savegames on my USB flash drive when removing my profile from the harddrive. I stopped using the USB drive and with FATXplorer 2.0 i managed to recover every savegame that was deleted without loss.
If you lost data on the 360, FATXplorer is the solution and the support is efficient fast and friendly.

Thanks for the fast response, Eaton. Your dedication to your customers always amazes me.

I love FATXplorer. It is a great program and even in the short period I have had it, it has greatly surpassed Xport360 and Xplorer360 combined. It is incredibly easy to use. I have had no errors on it unlike the other two. Also moving files onto the hard drive and off are both incredibly fast. This is definitely a great buy for anybody who ever mods the xbox. 10/10. And with 2.0 coming out you can be assured it is going to be great!

Eaton and the team completely saved me. I had swapped my info over to a new xbox and, like many others, accidentally deleted profile and items. I had over 100 save games on it, some still not finished, and I freaked out. After spending over an hour with Xbox support (no help at all!). I searched the net and came up on FATxplorer. The current build didn’t have an undelete function, so I emailed Eaton directly. Within 24 hours, he emailed me back with a link to a version that could undelete information. After an hour or so of recovering files and transferring to the new xbox, 99% of them were there, god bless you guys, you’re awesome.

My 360 crashed during a loading screen… when it re-stared the HDD had become “unformatted” and rather than reformatting it, I contacted MS support who said “tough luck”. I knew there were programs to restore PC Hard Drives that had similar issues… so I scoured the internet and found this gem of a program called “FATXPLORER”. I used FATXplorer to restore my “unformatted” HDD that Microsoft said I could never fix. That’s sticking it to the man. Not to mention regaining more than a thousand man hours! Eaton saved my HDD, my time, and practically my life… my whole family is indebted to Eaton and his FATXplorer program! Thanks again!

My Xbox 360 save games were deleted too. I’ve used Xport 360 but this Tool has failed because the size of my HDD. But yesterday I found the Tool FATXplorer. After testing I must say this Tool can do anything what a owner of a Xbox360 HDD can need. Very great work from your site Eaton.

I would ordinarily never do this type of thing, testimonials – I’m too self-interested to bother with it – but I am just so very happy. Even though the trial of FATXplorer gave me everything I needed, I’m considering buying it anyway just to express how pleased I am. I probably won’t, but I am certainly entertaining the notion. What happened was this: in a drowsy, sleep-deprived stupor, I accidentally overwrote a saved game, one that I had committed a monumental course of time to. The mistake dawned on me mere moments after the event. My jaw slackened, my eyes widened, and my hand went slowly to my mouth in that way it does when people see something truly shocking, like a guy getting hit by a train. I was absolutely dumbfounded at my making such a staggeringly stupid mistake. I immediately ran to my computer and googled, “xbox 360 how to recover deleted data”. Everywhere I looked, people were saying it was impossible. I kept telling myself, “No way, there’s just no way. I mean, it’s a computer, basically. Data can’t just be gone,” but despair was settling in. I eventually found FATXplorer and saw its professed capabilities, but after having read so many forum posts saying that recovering data was impossible, I wasn’t very hopeful. I opened up the program and my first surprise was that it recognized my hard drive at all. I hadn’t actually had any reason to suspect that it wouldn’t, it’s just that, at that point, I wasn’t really expecting anything to go right. But it detected the hard drive. What FATXplorer was showing me, though, was an intimidating mess of inscrutable data. I decided I’d just go off the “Last Modified” column, searching for the folder which was most recently accessed. Now, this is something which should be clarified – the Last Modified column, when its entries correspond to folders, refers to the date the folders themselves were modified, not their contents. This is contrary to how Windows Explorer operates, so it might be a bit misleading if you are used to that. What you really need to look for, under Content, is the folder which was “Last Modified” on the date you first played the game since that was when the folder was created. Once you get into the folder, the data should become a lot more sensible and the proper file should be easily discovered. Anyway, I found my save game, recovered it, and I’m playing it right now. I am very pleased. This probably won’t actually make it to the testimonials page, so I guess I’m just talking to the developer of the program. Thanks for the help, buddy. If I don’t buy it now, I definitely will if I ever make this mistake again. Or I’ll just pirate it. Well, yeah, let’s be honest, I’ll probably pirate it. Still, I appreciate your work.

Best Software to save xbox HD ever! i used for a long time (2009) my xbox and never imagined that some kind of brick will happen, slow down, error, and then nothing more, no use at all. I just opened my hdd case and formated in the usb case with the hdd LOW LEVEL FORMAT AND THEN WITH THE FATXPLORER , nice combination, in seconds my hard drive was new and ready to install my hd texture packs again!!!!

Thanks Guys!!!!

I deleted a Borderlands 2 gamesave with over 40 hours of play. When I thought all hope was lost, I used this program and successfully recovered my save. I am not a computer wizard so using software that manages to simplify a complex task was essential in this problem being solved. Especially since I couldn’t be trusted to keep a single xbox gamesave without accidental deletion. I cannot thank Eaton enough for his clear instructions and incredibly useful program.

Thank you so much! Your program and technical support are second to none. I am beyond thrilled with your service.

This service worked perfectly for me!! I’m nearing the end of playing
the Dragon Age series, which the choices from your previous games
actually matters throughout the whole series and I was incredibly upset
about losing that data and knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to play
the exact same way again. I got all the important saves back and was
able to resume all 3 games right where I had last been.


I received an Unformatted error on my Xbox 360. I had almost 10 years of gaming data on the drive so it was upsetting to say the least to see this error. I purchased an MS transfer cable, downloaded the beta version of FATXplorer and with Eaton’s help, even after I received an I/O error, I was able to recover the data from the drive. The service Eaton provides in helping you get your data back is exceptional. The FATXplorer software is easy to use and the customer service is outstanding. Eaton’s email instructions were clear and he supported me every step of the way as I worked through the recovery process. I highly recommend this product. It is such a pleasant experience to receive this type of outstanding service. My internet provider, cable company, bank, etc. could learn a lot about from Eaton about customer service and what it means to have pride in your products. Thanks again Eaton!

After a bad original xbox Softmod update that I built from source my hard drive was essentially bricked. Luckily I filled the HDD key with 1’s and with this tool I was able to take a new compatible 160GB hard drive and restore functionality to the xbox with more storage than it had before!

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