USB Formatter

Completed, fast, tested, and working! Read for your testing pleasure in beta 3 – coming soon!

Quite possibly the most difficult feature to create in FATXplorer. A lot of reverse engineering was done to figure out the formatting/mounting process completely.


Clicking next here will format the USB. Page 6 will just say whether it completed successfully or not.

Beta 3 getting close

FATXplorer v2.5 is just about ready for the third, and possibly final, beta.

The beta will include significant background updates that have been done to increase stability and performance. It will also include the USB formatter and patches so you can try that out for yourselves as well.

Click here for more information on the USB formatting/patching features.


Updated Website

As you can see, visual aspects of the site have been updated to match the aesthetics of the FATXplorer v2.5 counterpart. A major version such as v2.5 deserves an updated visual style to match the awesomeness that is to come.

The new design was created by EdenWebs. I have been working with them for a long time and I highly recommend their services!

The logo will be used as the new splash screen. There is also an updated application, which will be revealed on a later date.

More news on v2.5 soon..


PS: Windows 8 feedback is still needed!

Windows 8

As Microsoft’s next iteration of their next generation OS has been completed, it has been making its way onto computers around the world through various sources. For those who are already running Windows 8, can you answer the following question: Does FATXplorer work on Windows 8? I don’t plan upgrading to the OS quite as soon so I want to hear some feedback on how the current version of FATXplorer works on it.

Windows 8 will be a fully supported platform for FATXplorer. So if there are any immediate problems in the current version that need to be addressed, please let me know in the comments below and I will work with you to fix the problem.

6/19 Update

Beta 2 has been successful so far. Several though bugs have been reported and I am still working on fixing them.

I have been working on a lot of code enhancements to internal libraries to make spotting problems easier. This is a slow process, but it will pay off in the end when I won’t have to spend as much time finding bugs.

To provide the best possible final release, there will be a beta 3 released sometime in July. I believe that nearly all problems will be fixed in beta 3 and it will be ready to release. However, one can never be too optimistic. Customer’s can find the strangest bugs!

If you have been testing beta 2, please let me know what you think of it!

Beta 2, uncertainty with final release date

6/1 Update: Beta 2 distributed – customers, check your email!

June is going to be a very busy month for me. Graduation is on the 31st of May and that is immediately followed by a trip with friends, and then an overseas trip with family. It is unlikely that I will be able to work on this during these trips, so you won’t really see much progress until July, when I have all of my free time back.

Good news is that the current build is very stable and has pretty much reached the Beta 2 stage. Since I am supporting more devices now, I have to review the formatting tools and partition tools. Both of which will require many days of effort, which I doubt I will complete before the trips start.

Beta 2 will soon be distributed to all customers. A lot of changes have been made based on feedback from Beta 1. Feedback from Beta 2 will be used to shape the final, publicly distributed version.

Once work on the actual application is done, many changes are planned for the site and server configuration. Nothing too major, but these security and usability improvements are long overdue.

If you are a customer, check your email soon for a Beta 2 release message. Please make sure to try it out and give me feedback!

New device support

FATXplorer v2.5 now includes full support for internal Xbox 360 memory-units and XDK hard-drives.

The IMU is known as the 4 GB flash chip in the slim consoles. Since some people have special tools to connect them to their PCs/use a special modification to replace it with another device, support was considered and recently added.

XDK HDD support was in the v1.x series, but was taken out in v2.0 due to it being incomplete. Time was taken to fully research the XDK HDD partition layout to eliminate the unknowns. FATXplorer v2.5 will allow you to browse all the partitions on your XDK HDD.


This new device support and numerous other enhancements will be available in the v2.5 Beta 2, expected next week. This beta will be distributed to all licensed customers. This will be the last beta before the full, public release.

FATXplorer Beta 1 being distributed today

Today marks the first step in the worldwide v2.5 release. I plan to have at least 2 private beta releases between licensed customers.

Not everyone will get this beta. Customers who have expressed an interest in making FATXplorer better (reporting bugs, testing the v2.0 RC) will be getting the beta builds.

The emails will be sent out today. This post will be updated when that happens.


Pardon the delay

The beta was scheduled some time ago, but it has been pushed back while a few things are fixed and added. (Installed game support, STFS metadata, UI tweaks)

It’s pretty close to being ready, but I have no ETA. Keep watching the site for updates!

2.0.7 now available!

EDIT: Links on download page fixed (Accidental misspelling)

2.0.7 is now rolling out. This update is the first step in preparing your computer for FATXplorer v2.5. This update also contains fixes and some new features.

To obtain this update, simply Check for Updates in FATXplorer or redownload.


-The splash screen is a lot less intrusive. It should not hinder the license window by appearing over it.

-Corrected rarely seen USB partition sizes.

-Fixes an important FATX bug that would cause file corruption in some cases. (Highly recommended that you update to get this fix)


-Improved handling of FATX file system items that have invalid or missing properties.

-Small performance, reliability, and compatibility improvements.

-Prepares client computers for the upcoming FATXplorer v2.5 update.

-All third party components have been updated to the latest versions.

-News posts in the News Feed will now indicate how long ago they were posted.

New Features

STFS features in the v2.0.x versions have been somewhat absent. To help out a select amount of customers, I decided to add a few small functions.

Starting in v2.0.7, you will be able to right click game folders and content type folders to see what kind of content is inside. A new right click item has been added to the FATX browser to accomplish this task.

Game Folders: Folders such as 4D5307E6 can be translated to their game equivalents. Halo 3, in this case.

Content Type Folders: Inside game folders, you will see folders such as 00000001 and 00009000. These names can now be translated to their content type equivalents. Saved Game and Avatar Item in this case.

You won’t see the right click item unless you select a valid folder. Also, multiselection is supported.

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