Before downloading FATXplorer, make sure you have…

The latest version of FATXplorer is currently, released on June 9, 2015Version History and Change Logs

Want to try something new? FATXplorer v3.0 is now in beta – click here for information and download links. v2.5 download links are below, and please note v2.5 only supports Xbox 360 devices.

Not sure which one to download? Click here.

The seven day trial period starts when you first open FATXplorer. There is no way to stop the timer, so make sure you open it when you are ready!

Trial extension codes are offered if seven days is not enough time to fully evaluate all of the features. If you need an extension, contact FATXplorer support.

Xbox 360 Memory Unit Driver

Installation of this driver is necessary for FATXplorer’s device detection engine to detect memory-units (MUs). If you do not have a memory-unit that looks like the one pictured below, you do not need to install this driver.

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