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FATXplorer 3.0 beta 20 – 16 TB Xbox 360 USB support + increased USB performance, Titan support

It is an exciting time to be an original Xbox or Xbox 360 enthusiast. 2022 has seen 2 new BIOS releases (Cerbios, Titan) for the original Xbox that add support for up to 16 TB internal hard-drives. Today, another 16 TB solution has arrived, but for Xbox 360 this time: the ability to use up to two [...]

Website Updates

A number of updates to the website were published today: Moved to a new server to address performance issues. The experience on the previous web host was not ideal. Everything loads much faster and more reliably now.The homepage will no longer show full posts. Instead, excerpts are shown and [...]

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 19 – extra large HDD formatting support for OG Xbox

A new BIOS for the original Xbox was recently released: Cerbios. It has many great features, but there is one in particular that is exciting: up to 8 TB HDD support, with the potential of 16 TB in the future. The Cerbios team reached out asking if FATXplorer’s formatting tool could be updated to [...]

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 17 & BSOD

1/5 Update: A hotfix update has been published and rolled out. FATXplorer 3.0 beta 17 was published yesterday. The goal of beta 17 was to upgrade to .NET 6 and make a few other minor changes. Unfortunately, several people reported a Windows BSOD (blue screen of death) occurring during the [...]

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 15 – formatting a file is now supported

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 14 introduced redesigned Formatting Tools, featuring OG Xbox formatting for the first time, and various improvements to Xbox 360 formatting. Beta 15 fixes various issues with the Formatting Tools and also adds a new feature: the ability to format/create a file. Beta 15 is [...]

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 14 – new Formatting Tools for OG Xbox have arrived!

The highly anticipated Original Xbox Formatting Tools have arrived in FATXplorer 3.0 beta 14, which is available for immediate download. The new Formatting Tools FATXplorer has had formatting tools for years, but they are Xbox 360-exclusive. Support for Original Xbox hard-drives and memory [...]

Comment responding delay

Jan 21, 2022 Update: This finally appears to have been resolved. Over the past few months there have been significant problems with new comment email notifications. As a result, some comments made in the past ~3 months may have gone unanswered. The comment queue will now be reviewed manually [...]

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 12 – new disk health checker, memory and deletion fixes

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 12 is out now and brings with it a new feature and various fixes. New Feature: Disk Health Checker Beta 12 utilizes a new API introduced in Windows 10 1607 (Anniversary Update) to check disk health/status. FATXplorer will now tell you whether your disk is healthy or not, [...]

FATXplorer 3.0 Beta Program Update

It has been several months since FATXplorer 3.0 Beta 1 was released and since then, more than a thousand people from all over the world have given it a try! Before the year comes to an end, I thought I would give an update on how things are going. Beta Program Statistics In the past 90 [...]

OG Xbox F & G Drive Help Article

A new KB article has been posted: OG Xbox F & G Drive Help Many beta testers have written in asking why FATXplorer doesn’t handle their F drive correctly. After investigating each case, 3 primary problems have been identified. Read the above-linked article for detailed descriptions of these [...]
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