Now Fully HTTPS

Hello everyone, a quick update for you: The site has just been updated to include full HTTPS support. It was previously only used on select pages, such as the contact form, but as the world continues to push towards a more secure Internet, it was time for FATXplorer to join in completely. Advanced [...]

Welcome to the new server!

Hello everyone, if you are reading this, you are viewing the website on the new server! It’s not actually a server though, FATXplorer now runs in a cluster environment (also known as “cloud hosting”). The same technology powering Microsoft’s Azure now powers FATXplorer. This is important for [...]

Updates & 2016 Plans

Hello everyone, it’s been quiet lately so here’s an update! There’s several topics to cover: 1. Windows 10 You probably see the post below this warning about possible risks when using Windows Integration on Windows 10. There are now plenty of customers using FATXplorer on Windows 10, and no issues [...]

Windows 10

FATXplorer has not been tested on Windows 10 yet. If you are running Windows 10, use FATXplorer’s Windows Integration at your own risk. There is a risk of it not working properly. Every other feature should work perfectly fine, however. A driver update is in development to bring full Windows 10 [...]

Latest Minecraft update – how to recover your lost/deleted saves/worlds

There has been a sudden influx of people reporting an issue with the latest Minecraft update. It appears to be deleting a lot of peoples’ saved games and worlds. Are you having this problem? This post will help you recover that lost save file. First things first, report the problem to the Minecraft [...]

2.5.4 now available!

Hello everyone, today I bring you a small update to v2.5.3 that was published not so long ago. The update is live at the time of this post. The purpose of this update is to fix a few more bugs and to address the latest Xbox 360 system update. In case you haven’t noticed, v2.5.3 was released back in [...]

2.5.3 now available!

Hello everyone, today I bring you a fresh new FATXplorer update. The update is live at the time of this post and you may download it from the downloads section or using FATXplorer’s updater. The purpose of this update is to bring further stability to the previous version and to address various [...]

Possible Mac & Linux compatibility in 2015

Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon an interesting article. For those who aren’t tech-minded, .NET is what FATXplorer runs on and is the main reason it won’t work on Mac and Linux – .NET only runs on Windows operating systems. Based on that article it seems like Microsoft will be pushing to make the [...]

500 GB HDD coming!

If you are looking for more storage it looks like Microsoft is finally releasing a larger drive for the Xbox 360: Link Even costs less than the 320 GB HDD!

16547, 16747, 16756, 16767 USB patches now available!

The format of the USB patches has changed! They no longer work in the current version of FATXplorer, so you need to contact FATXplorer support to get the latest patches. Please make sure to use the email you used to purchase your license. If you do not have a license, do not request USB patches [...]
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