The first FATXplorer v2.5 update is now available. This is a highly recommended update that you should obtain as soon as possible.

This update fixes several bugs reported by customers and enhances a few features.

To obtain this update, simply Check for Updates in FATXplorer or redownload.


-Fixed a major problem with case-sensitivity/preservation. Some users were running into some big problems that could cause duplicate folders to be created, file not found errors, and strange merging behavior. Send in a bug report if you still run into problems like this.

-Fixed device detection problem with some hard-drives that would have a few less sectors than the Security Sector’s.

-Fixed a USB formatting error on Windows 8 64bit systems.

-Content items signed with XDK recovery generated KeyVaults should now validate successfully.


-Added new XContent resume states and avatar values to the Content View property pane.

-The URL Cache partitions are now cleared during formatting procedures on devices that have them, as well as the utility partitions on hard-drives.

-Enhanced formatting tool welcome pages with better text and images.

-Windows XP support has been re-added by downgrading the .NET Framework to v4 (Client Profile).

-Links clicked in the News Feed/Updater will now open in your default browser instead of not opening at all.

-Several smaller enhancements.

Driver Updates

This update does not include any updates to the driver.

New Features

-A new tool is now included in the package: Driver Uninstaller. Like the name implies, it is a simple command line tool designed for users who want to remove the driver.