The second FATXplorer v2.5 update is now available. This update is a fairly large maintenance release put together based on feedback and bug reports.

To obtain this update, simply Check for Updates in FATXplorer or redownload.


This update also brings an updated 16202 USB patch. It resolves a problem with content copying errors when the used space reached 230 GB.

Use the Console USB Patcher wizard to get the new kxam.patch. Overwrite the old one on your storage device and you will be set. You do not need to reformat your USB.


-Fixed a memory issue with clearing URL partitions during formatting and with the Partition Tools.

-Fixed a problem with validation of folder names in the Content/Recovery View.

-Fixed a problem with enumeration names being truncated to 1 letter.

-Timeout problems with license validation have been addressed.

-Progress glitches on the Windows taskbar have been fixed. (Why did no one ever report this before? This problem has been present for over a year and is VERY noticeable!)

-Fixed some UI glitches. (Open with FATXplorer’s… button is now the same size as Integrate into Windows.)

-Fixed sorting errors that occurred in the Recovery View when sorting the columns in the partition root.


-Formatting tools have been enhanced with better text and instructions. The KB pages on the site have also been improved with a better and easier to understand format. NOTE: Some of these pages may be blank – they are still being updated.

-It was recently discovered that the console will not accept USB storage devices with sector sizes other than 512 (0x200) bytes. Larger sector sizes can be seen in newer large (3 TB+) external USB hard-drives. FATXplorer has been updated accordingly to fail to format and detect these devices to avoid confusion. Before you buy a large USB for use on your Xbox 360 console, check with the manufacturer that the device has the appropriate sector size.

-Improvements to the driver installation and better handling of status errors.

-Lots of improvements to text in message boxes and labels throughout the application.

-Overhaul of the errorlog format for improved performance and reliability. It also collects some more information about the operating system to improve internal support services.

-Removed the Licensing ribbon item.

-Internal manifest changes for better Windows 7/8 compatibility.

-The right click menu on the system tray icon now conforms to the skin/theme style.

-Internal enhancements to the RSS news reader and settings system.

-Several smaller enhancements.

Driver Updates

This is the first update that includes an updated integration driver. To update the driver, just look on the Start Page. You just have to click one button to install the update. For compatibility reasons, the driver update is mandatory if you want to use Windows Integration in this version. Also, if you decide to go back to v2.5.0 or v2.5.1, you will be asked to downgrade the driver before you can use Windows Integration in those versions. A reboot will be required after the driver update.

Changes relevant to FATXplorer:

-Added handling of the FileHardLinkInformation request (required to support NFS shares).

-Fixed a BSOD that occurred when a file is opened with the FILE_OPEN_REQUIRING_OPLOCK flag.

-Fixed a problem with processing volume labels that are 32 characters long.

New Features

There are no new features in this update.