FATXplorer 3.0 beta 25 is available now. The main highlight is significant updates to both the USB and HDD patches. Over the past few months, many people have reported problems in a wide range of games. In response to these reports, immense time and effort was put in to investigate and develop solutions to the problems. The problems are mostly loading and crashing issues, but there is also an issue that could cause game save corruption.

This new patch disables the HDD cache partitions in an effort to fix several more issues in select games. However, this has led to issues where other games report that a HDD is not present. A small whitelist containing original Xbox games, Destiny, and Halo games is in place to allow them to use the cache partitions. There may be more games that require a cache partition for some features. If you run into one, feel free to leave a comment and an updated patch can be sent to you.

The cache partition block is intended to be temporary. A future update is expected to remove it once the remaining hard-to-find issues have been found and fixed. The goal is to have 100% compatibility with all games. These new patches are a significant step towards that goal, but more work is required to get to 100%. Please make sure to report any problems you believe are related to the patches so they can be logged and investigated.

Special thanks go out to those who reported the problems and took the time to help test the solutions.❤️

All users are strongly encouraged to update their nands. Even if everything is working for you, please update to avoid potential issues down the road.

As a reminder, both the USB and HDD patches are free and will remain free post-beta.

Aside from the updated patches, there is an important fix for automatic HDD unlocking and various other fixes and improvements.

J-Runner Users: The new patches are available in version 3.2.2 r3.

Release Notes

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