Data Recovery


This page will provide you with everything you need to know about deleted data recovery, including a list of possible scenarios, factors, and what options are available to you.

Do I have a good chance at getting my data back?

There are several factors that determine whether you will end up with your whole file as it was before you deleted it, or a file with completely irrelevant data.

If you are trying to recover game saves, marketplace content, themes, or other Xbox 360-packaged data, you should be aware that if the file is not FULLY recovered, it will show up as corrupt on the console and/or in-game. This is due to the internal format of the files. The console uses a strong hashing transactional file system called STFS, which was designed specifically to prevent tampering/modding. As you can imagine, a corrupt part of the file would be detected as tampering (you won’t get banned from Xbox LIVE if this happens), hence why it will fail validation and show up as corrupt. There isn’t a way to fix any corrupt parts of files.

FATXplorer has partnered with BounceBack Data Recovery to provide FATXplorer customers with first class data recovery services. In the event that FATXplorer cannot help you due to physical drive damage, BounceBack Data Recovery can! To view more details about their exclusive Xbox service, click here. For more information about the partnership, click here. Please note that their service is currently reserved for hard-drives. If you have a flash-based storage device, such as a memory unit or flash drive, they won’t be able to help you fix it.

Fragmentation & device age

Is your device brand new or freshly formatted? You may be able to fully recover your data. Is your device from a 2005 launch console? You might not be as lucky. The lower the fragmentation percentage, the higher the chances are of recovering your data. Fragmentation increases with device age and the frequency in which you delete and create/add files.

Date of the deletion

Did you delete the file today or last week? Have you stopped using the device since then or have you installed a game? The sooner you stop using the device after deletion the greater your chances are of recovering the file. Every second the device is in use after the deletion, you risk the file being overwritten by newer data from other files.

File size

Smaller files have a higher chance of being recovered than larger ones.

Scenarios and solutions

Based on customer reports, listed below are the most common data recovery scenarios you may find yourself in with their respective solutions.

Accidental reformat

Accidental reformatting is when you use the console or FATXplorer to reformat a device.

Recovery is not possible in this scenario. Reformatting was designed to get rid of all the old data to give you a fresh start.

Deleted Profile and Items

Accidentally his this button? A lot of people have. Microsoft really needs to add an extra confirmation screen..

Recovery is possible in this scenario. Just make sure you don’t add/download any profiles!

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