FATXplorer v2.5 now includes full support for internal Xbox 360 memory-units and XDK hard-drives.

The IMU is known as the 4 GB flash chip in the slim consoles. Since some people have special tools to connect them to their PCs/use a special modification to replace it with another device, support was considered and recently added.

XDK HDD support was in the v1.x series, but was taken out in v2.0 due to it being incomplete. Time was taken to fully research the XDK HDD partition layout to eliminate the unknowns. FATXplorer v2.5 will allow you to browse all the partitions on your XDK HDD.


This new device support and numerous other enhancements will be available in the v2.5 Beta 2, expected next week. This beta will be distributed to all licensed customers. This will be the last beta before the full, public release.