I have been working with USB devices a little more. 16 GB+ sizes is already great, but there were a few things I still wanted to try:

-USB Extender : if you have an external HDD with existing content storage and have a lot of space still available, FATXplorer’s USB extension tool will allow you to increase the size of your content volume, without needing to backup and put your data back on! Quick and easy process.

-Support for all 5 console USB ports : this is possible and has been successfully tested. Still working on good patches to reduce risks of memory corruption.


In addition, 2.0.6 will be out soon to fix a few more isolated issues. There may be a problem with loading some smaller HDDs and a rare file icon exception was found. Keep the update option checked, because this will be available pretty soon.


Also, just to clarify some confusion, the USB tools will be a licensed-only feature. So if you want them, you will need to purchase FATXplorer. People have already reached out to me about open sourcing it, but this feature has been promised to customers for a long time and I plan to stick with that plan.

As for the release data for v2.5 – undecided. It will be released when it is done.