2.0.5 is now rolling out. This update fixes all known bugs that have been reported since 2.0.4. As well as a few tweaks, see below.

To obtain this update, simply Check for Updates in FATXplorer or redownload.


-Fixed an issue when loading folders with obscure file names inside.

-Fixed a loading error that would occur when loading custom HDDs, and sometimes during the preliminary steps of formatting a HDD.


-Now works with .NET 4 Client Profile – no need for Extended. Should fix the common “shows splash screen and then exits” issue.

-New Microsoft Metro skin: Metropolis

-Removed optimized Content folder installation. It would cause problems in some cases and it isn’t really worth the extra space.

-Updated all third part components to their latest versions.

-Backported several FATX driver enhancements in v2.5 to this last v2.0 release. You may notice better speeds when writing data.


This should keep you guys satisfied until v2.5. Enjoy! Leave a comment if you have any problems.