A lot of you are probably familiar with the forum “Se7en Sins”. For those that do not know, it is a popular Xbox 360 gaming and modding forum that received its popularity from Halo 2 modding, Modern Warfare 2 lobbies, and other things.

I worked out a deal with the owner and for a small fee, he created a forum for me so people can discuss the program. It is even linked to this site’s RSS feed!

I did this to try something new and to increase sales, as they have been dwindling lately. Please keep in mind that if you purchase now, you get FATXplorer v2.0 for FREE!

If you do not have an account on Se7en, then post comments on the site. If you do have one, comments on the posts on Se7en are now recommended.

Posts on this site are added to the forum on Se7en.