I have been working on a global updater for FATXplorer and other future apps of mine.

Here is a preview.

It isn’t directly integrated with FATXplorer, it is a separate exe, but is included by default. You still have the option to silently check for updates on FATXplorer’s startup, though.

All that is left to do is finish the update package format and installation. Then onto other things.

Most of you are probably back in school or are about to go back. I am no exception, I go back tomorrow. This will cut development time per day by more than half and e-mail responses won’t be instant like they usually are.

School is from 8am-3pm. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I attend my after school sport, which extends to 6pm. Add in homework on top of that.. and there is probably a 1-2 development period available. I will, of course, have weekends mostly free.

I will admit that I tried to get v2.0 out the first quarter of summer so I wouldn’t have to worry about it now. Looks like things haven’t gone according to plan, but it will come out sooner or later!!!

Thanks and please be patient if you send in support e-mails and don’t get a reply for a few hours.