People have been constantly bugging me about this feature. To the point where I decided to delete my old device form and start over, which I did. Implementing it in my new system is now possible, but it is not easy. It is mind boggling, lots of things can go wrong, and getting it perfect requires some very in-depth knowledge of C# if/else statements and knowledge of the tree control. Luckily, I have both and I am making progress, but slowly. I will describe the new system in detail:

There will be two tree views. One will be a representation of Windows Explorer which will display the files and folders on your computer. There will be no node parent/child concepts. So every node will be independent. In order to view the contents of a folder, you would double click it. You wouldn’t click the expand button to the left to expand the node and reveal many child nodes. I think this new way will be much easier. The other tree view will be the FATX file system view. You will be able to efficiently drag and drop files and folders seamlessly between the two trees. In both trees you will be able to move files and folders, create folders, and all of that good stuff. There is also an address bar that can be modified if you know a relative path. (And if you want to save some clicking.)

So far it is going well, but much more work remains to be done in order to make this work perfectly.

So yeah, I hope this will please all of you people who have been begging for drag and drop.