I just realized I forgot to post one last week.. oh well..

Regardless, I have been hard at work. Revamping existing code, writing new code, squashing bugs out of old and new code, etc. There is still a lot to be done before the release of v2.0. But trust me, your patience will pay off.

Here are the highlights of this Friday update:

Devkit Hard-Drives now supported!

Support for them has been included since version 1, but has hardly been tested. So I decided to test it and make sure it works. You may have seen my posts about devkit hard-drives lately and thanks to some people, support for them is now complete. I fixed a glitch in the detection system that would skip most models and I perfected the partition layout.Most of you probably don’t have devkit hard-drives, but this is still an essential step in order for FATXplorer to be the “ultimate” storage device explorer.

Device/Partition Views

These new windows will allow you to view and customize some properties of your storage device or backup.

Device View

Partition View

Device Form

Here are some pictures:

Image 1

Image 2

Not much else to say. I’ll have some more for you guys later.