1/5 Update: A hotfix update has been published and rolled out.

FATXplorer 3.0 beta 17 was published yesterday. The goal of beta 17 was to upgrade to .NET 6 and make a few other minor changes. Unfortunately, several people reported a Windows BSOD (blue screen of death) occurring during the update. The rollout of the update has been paused, and a fix is now available for those whose FATXplorer installs fail to start, or start up to an immediate BSOD.

If your update was successful and FATXplorer starts up without issue, no action is required.

If your FATXplorer install no longer starts, or starts up to an immediate BSOD, you can download this repair app to get things working again: (no longer available)

If you downloaded the latest version from the beta page without using the built-in updater and are getting a BSOD, the repair app will also help you.

The cause of the BSOD was an issue with new driver files interacting with old driver files. Normally this is not an issue, but recent changes to the driver have unfortunately resulted in a BSOD occurring when this situation occurs. Nothing is wrong with your system and the repair app simply installs the driver update a different way, without causing a BSOD.

The update rollout will resume when a proper fix for the issue has been implemented. This post will be updated when that happens.

Thanks for testing FATXplorer and sorry for the inconvenience!