After a little more than a year in development, I am ready to finally release another large update for FATXplorer. v2.0 was a great release, but I think this will be the most popular release yet.

Anticipation has been very high for this version. With larger USB sizes having been craved for years and the new Windows Integration feature being highly anticipated and revolutionary, FATXplorer v2.5 is ready to deliver something truly special.

Normally a change log would go here, but since v2.5 is such a massive update, it would be impossible to list the amount of changes in one post. The Information page has been updated to reflect all the new features, that is where you want to go from here.

So what are you waiting for?!

1. Read

2. Download

3. Buy

4. Enjoy


The death of v2.0

v2.0 had an excellent run, but to facilitate v2.5’s needs completely, it has been completely deactivated and is no longer supported. While the trial version will still function if you manage to find an old link, licensed online copies will now fail to validate with a 400 not found error.

If you have a specific need that v2.5 does not currently fulfill, contact FATXplorer support and a working copy of v2.0 can be sent to you.

Before you download…

Download and install .NET Framework v4.5. This is a required component and FATXplorer will fail to start if you don’t have it. It is relatively new so there is a good chance that you may not have it. Make sure you check Windows Update for the latest updates to your computer as well.

Note to existing customers

Please check your email. Information on how to properly upgrade to v2.5 was sent to all customers.

If you didn’t get an email, check your spam folder.

If you no longer have access to the email you used to order, contact FATXplorer support for assistance.


I look forward to hearing some feedback on this release. Don’t be scared to comment on this post!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy FATXplorer as much as I did while making it.