EDIT: 2.0.4 coming out early tomorrow, forgot to fix 2 small things.

This will be the last minor update in the 2.x series unless an outstanding bug needs to be fixed before 2.1. More information on the first major update will come soon.

To obtain this update, simply Check for Updates in FATXplorer or redownload.


-0 (zero) length files are now supported properly.

-A lot of noticeable UI glitches. More tooltips are shown and the VS2010 skin will no longer crash FATXplorer when you load a device.

-Fixed a rare error that would occur in the HDD formatting tool.

-Fixed a localized issue with the release date field in the Updater.


-Global Fragmentation Analyzer now counts corrupted folders.

-Added a “Show Bad/Corrupted Items” button to the Global Fragmentation Analyzer.

-Deletion of larger files is MUCH faster. For example, these are the deletion speeds of a 1.3 GB file on a 500 GB HDD:

2.0.2: 12 seconds

2.0.3: 2 seconds