It’s here. After more than a year of waiting, your patience has paid off. Gone are the days of painful device exploration. What is being unveiled to right now is not just a stellar application, it is a fresh new experience.

FATXplorer is back to reinforce its position as the ultimate storage device explorer. The last year has not been taken lightly. New features and amazing improvements have been implemented into this major version.

FATXplorer v2.0 will go beyond your expectations. Guaranteed.


Eaton Works presents…

FATXplorer version 2.0!!!

Existing Customers: Please check your e-mail for information on how to license your free update.

Edit: Those emails have just been sent to offline and online customers. If you didn’t get one, check your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, contact me.

After you are done reading the highlights, click here to see pictures and more detailed descriptions of the new features.


-Online based licensing.

-One of the best GUIs you will ever see in an Xbox 360 related program. Period. There are new skins, a new ribbon interface, and much more!

-A COMPLETELY redesigned FATX driver with new caching systems, enhanced speed, and better algorithms.

-Will not shutter or crash during transfers. It has been tested under extreme conditions.

-Full drag and drop support (between both explorer trees).

-Supports all Xbox 360 storage devices. Any size, any type. Even USB sticks!

-Better device detection by using WMI.

-A new icon and banner.

-Native support for both 32bit and 64 bit operating systems.

-Built on .NET Framework v4.0.

-Support for common keyboard shortcuts. Such as Del and Ctrl + A!

-Support for Windows 7 taskbar features.

-Advanced docking features. By clicking and dragging device tabs or by double clicking them, you can detach them and move them to other places on your screen to reduce clutter. You can also dock them anywhere within the window with the new Visual Studio 2010 docking features.

-Support for more partitions. They have also been properly named. (Partition 1/2/3 is a HORRIBLE way to name them…)

-New device-specific data editors, such as an HDD Security Sector Editor and a USB Configuration Data Editor!

-A never-before-seen navigation system complimented by a Windows Explorer navigation menu that will truly revolutionize the way you explore. You can also change icon sizes. The file/folder icons are retrieved from a Windows API to make it a very efficient Windows Explorer clone.

-Formatting tools. Format any physical device to FATX specifications!

-A new and improved transfer system with a very informative transfer dialog. The transfer speeds are MUCH faster. For example, on a 500gb disk, it would take about 30 seconds to inject a 1kb file. With v2.0, it takes about 20 seconds to inject hundreds. Go ahead and compare this speed with other explorers and you will see that FATXplorer’s is far superior.

-Smart Transfer Mode. Enable this in the Settings. Now this is a really, really nice feature. This will transfer items to your storage device and they will be 0% fragmented.

-Recovery tools. When enabled in the Settings, you can now see and even recover your deleted files and folders! Deleted a saved game on accident and want it back? There may still be hope!

-A new Device Analyzer. Analyze your storage device to see the most fragmented files. It will also count the amount of corrupted items!

-A new Item Analyzer. Right click an item, click Analyze, and you can see how fragmented it is. If you do this for a deleted item, you can analyze it and see the chances of recovery!

-The Backup and Restore features have been rewritten to provide better speed.

-A new Problems and Warnings tool. FATXplorer performs a few checks upon loading a storage device and if any possible issues are found, Problems and Warnings will display them to you.

-Finally! 100% proper size calculations. By going to Partition Information, you can see how much space you have left and how much has been used. This is 100% accurate and has been verified by using an app on an Xbox 360.

-A new Install Optimized System Folders installer. Ever wonder why the Xbox guide is slow? Does your Xbox 360 take forever to launch and display content? By installing these optimized folders, you will instantly see the difference in speed!

-A Digital Signature. FATXplorer is the first Xbox 360 related program in the world to be digitally signed like any big commercial program! This will greatly increase the range of customers I am able to reach by ensuring them that this application is completely authentic.

-An improved and simpler Updater. Everything is now linked to this website, which I plan to keep up for a long time.

-A new Start Page which displays some information and provided the News Feed – a way to view the latest FATXplorer news directly from the application.

-Better bookmarks.

-A new Properties dialog. Right click a file or folder to view its properties. If you view the properties of a FATX folder, it will even calculate the total size of the items within and display it to you!

-Improved and constant terminology.

-Anything else you can think of has either been recoded or improved.

Issues Addressed from v1.2

1.2 had a few bugs, especially the size bug. Here are a few of the noteworthy ones I have fixed:

The errors that sporadically occurred at the end of Backup/Restore operations have been fixed.

-Size calculation is now perfected, so you will not get that error when transferring files if you have adequate free space.

-Folders no longer take 30+ seconds to load. Should be instant or a few seconds.

-No longer takes a ridiculous amount of time to “allocate”. When transferring a 4 GB file to a 500 GB storage device, you won’t even know when it allocated. It is that fast.

-Updater is now linked to my website, so it will always work.

-Partitions are named correctly if 1 (or more) are missing.

-Detected drive bar items are now properly enabled when you close them.


Click here to download.