I’ve decided to change my plans a little.

There will be no true public Release Candidate build. Once I reach that stage, all existing customers will get an e-mail containing this preview build. It will be my gift to those who support me. While leaks are possible, it will not be the end of the world if a few more people try it.

After that is done, I will await bug reports and feedback and then iron them all out.

Once that is done, it will be officially released. I decided to do the FATXStream class later to avoid issues. So you won’t get Gamertag/Game name reading in the initial v2.0.0.xxxx release.


Progress has been great. I have not posted many previews because I do not want the competition stealing any of my ideas.

I can assure you that the launch of v2.0 will be a a very memorable Xbox software launch. (-;


So keep an eye on your inbox if you are an existing customer!