Ok guys, I have taken the time to host some MW2 lobbies to get some spare cash, but I have grown bored of them. I will, of course, keep doing them because I get a good source of income from them, but programming FATXplorer is much more fun and entertaining. (-:

A lot of progress has been made and I haven’t revealed a lot of the stuff I have put in the past month. Expect a big post with lots of pretty pictures soon.

Also, the Relase Candidate is very near.

Tentative ToDo List

-Refine Windows file tree.

-Complete Windows file tree right click menus.

-Create FATX file tree navigation functions.

-Create a quick extract and inject function for use with this build. (Writing the stream takes a while, I will do it post RC.)

-Create FATX right click menus.

-Private testing.

Not too much, shouldn’t take too long.