2.0 is taking too long. I need a nice long break from working on this so I will be leaving out a few features and include them in the next update. Don’t worry, most of these features haven’t been started yet so I am not just going crazy with the delete button.

Anyways, here is a rundown on what needs to be done before the RC (Release Candidate) is posted for extensive testing:

1. Finish the file transfer system. The deleted item feature is the cause of this not being completed. There is a reason file systems do not allow two items of the same name in one directory..

2. Finish updater. This is pretty much done, but I still have a few things to fix and complete.

3. Progress dialogs. These are needed for a lot of operations and I need to get them in.

4. Website. This website is a mix of v1.2 and v2.0 content. I will need to purge the v1.2 content completely and make sure it is all accurate and in a nice neat layout that is easy to decipher.

5. The release post and information page. I will need to document all of FATXplorer v2.0’s features and take pictures of each one respectively. This is what makes or breaks a sale.

That is pretty much it.. The step that will take the longest is the file transfer system. It, and my brand new FATX library, needs to be tested extensively to bring you guys a fast and working experience.

Stay tuned for updates.

Oh, also, seeing new payment notifications in my inbox is a great way to encourage development efforts for the day. (-: