This has existed for a long time now, but was only available to those who asked. I don’t think that it is necessary to keep it private anymore so I am releasing it.


Q: wat is dis?

A: This version of FATXplorer will allow you to view and recover your deleted files and folders. No more, no less.

Q: It’s not working!

A: Make sure you have performed a full installation of .NET Framework 4 and have all available Windows Updates. (If it launches and closes with no error, that is because you don’t have .NET completely installed.)

Q: Am I only limited to data recovery?

A: Yes, ONLY use this version to recover deleted data! Use v1.2 for everything else. Transferring data to the storage device will result in.. bad things.

Q: I don’t see any deleted things.

A: Did you enable the “View Deleted Items” option in the Settings?

Q: How well does it work?

A: I’d say pretty well..


First, go into the Settings and check “View Deleted Items”. Now load your storage device and look for files and folders with “deleted” in their names. Drag them to the local file tree to extract them.

To put them back onto your storage device, use v1.2 to put them into the proper location.

License and Expiration

To use this version, you must use the trial license. It cannot be registered. So use your 7 days wisely.

This version has no expiration date. It will work as long as this website is up and running. Which will be for many years to come. (-:


This is a very old build. (3926, built on July 31, 2010) The reason this build exists was to help a select person to recover data. Once I realized that it worked and worked well, I kept the build and gave it to people who have e-mail support with recovery assistance requests.

Now, I cannot stress this enough. Only use this to recover deleted data! That is your only warning.


Check the Downloads page.

I hope you all enjoy this small taste of v2.0,