The Start Page replaces the News Feed while incorporating elements of the News Feed into it. It was designed to be a small portal to the experience with a short and sweet welcome message. It will also display any issues that need to be addressed. (ex: Licensing status) Not much more to say about it, here are some pictures:

Start Page with News Enabled

Start Page with News Disabled

Oh no, error!!!111!!

Feedback, like always, it appreciated. Suggestions are welcome as well.

In Other News…

Lots of icons have been replaced with better looking ones.

There is a port scanner that will scan the specified number of ports.

All of the popup menus now have titles to them. (See above, ‘Refresh Options’ is a title.)

I fixed a big bug with disk size calculation. Using Disk Geometry to get the disk size returned an incorrect size value and in return would cause the Content partition to appear slightly smaller. I fixed it by using another Win32 function. I have verified the correctness and it is 100% proper now.

What’s Next?

I think it is time to get to the last and most time consuming part I have been saving for last: the device form. This is the part that will require the most coding and testing. I am integrating a Windows Explorer-like crumb-bar control in place of the text box address bar. This will make navigation easier. More to come when progress is made.