Been a while since the last solid update, so here is some new info.

FATXplorer’s current build string is as of now.

I have been working on a Security Sector editor. While completely useless for normal retail Xbox 360s, it is something I could not leave out.

Most of the minor stuff is complete and polished. All that is left to do is the actual FATX coding and drag and drop coding. Which is the hardest and most boring part to code. So it may take a bit to get done.

Also, I know I have about 10+ people on a waiting list for a new “undelete” build. I hope to deliever that to you guys soon. The demand for this feature has been overwhelming. I am glad I decided to put it back in.

It’s all coming together, hopefully we will see a release before the end of the year.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a nice holiday weekend,