One more thing to scratch off the todo list. I just finished the bookmarks feature, and I will now explain it.

When a device/backup is loaded, it will check for an existing bookmarks XML file in the directory. If there isn’t one, it will create a blank one. If there is, it will load it.

Here is what the drop down will look like with no bookmarks added.

To add one, just click a file or folder, the click to Bookmark button to the left of the drop down arrow. Once you add some,

It will look like this.

*Notice the nice tooltip.

It is an extremely simple concept, and multi-selection works too! So you can add multiple bookmarks with one click!

Now, when you double click the bookmark, it will load the directory the file/folder is in and select it – no matter what directory you are in. This makes it extremely easy to go to favorite folders that you are frequently going to all the time.

There is also a bookmark manager.

Here is what it looks like.

It provides many editing options, such as..


Path Changing

And even multi-selection based deletion!

Now, the path is what is actually used to go to the file/folder. The Name is not used, so that means you can customize it. Like change the name it put by default to “My modding folder” while the actual folder is named New Folder.

Check for Broken goes through each bookmark and verifies that a file/folder exists in that path. If there isn’t, it will ask you if you want to remove it.

Also, the feature is for both trees, as so. The bookmarks are all stored in one small file, but are filtered and sorted into the correct place at runtime.

That’s all for bookmarks. Now to the updater..