I have been hard at work and basically spending every ounce of my free time on this. It has been a while since I have posted an update, so here we go..

Build Number

The alpha’s build number was 3366. The current build number is 4355. That’s right, it has been built nearly 1,000 times since the last release.

Digitally Signed

Builds 4322 and other related programs of mine will now be digitally signed with my new code signing certificate, which wasn’t easy to get. This is the first Xbox related program in history to be signed.

What does this mean?

This means that instead of all of those evil unidentified publisher warnings, it will display my name there. If a single byte of the program is modified, it will invalidate the signature and it will show up with unidentified publisher again.

Here is picture proof.

Extended STFS Features

This was originally planned for a later release, but I decided to put it in now while it was on my mind. There isn’t too much to show off because it is still in early development, but when you double click a valid package, it will display the contents like so.

It will contain all of the basic functions. Extract, delete, etc. All integrated into the drag and drop system, of course.

There will also be a metadata viewer, but it has not been started yet.

Perfect Licensing

The licensing and security features are being finalized and they will be run through multiple reversers to ensure integrity. The current version has not been cracked yet, but I am still making the security even tighter, just in case. Here are some pictures of the licensing forms:

Main License Window

Deactivation Window

Registration Window

As stated before, this licensing system is pretty much the same as Valhalla’s but it works without any problems. If you get an error, there are detailed instructions on how to fix it. And unless you have forgotten your licensed name, e-mail, and serial, intervention from me is not necessary. No more license requesting! I designed this so YOU will be in complete control.

It is also incredibly secure. The license generation features are all online based and cannot be exploited in any way, shape, or form.

Log, Action Viewer, and Updated Main Form/Device Form

Please see this picture.

The Log effectively replaces the status bar messages so you can view previously logged messages as well.

The Action Viewer is something that came to me a few days ago. When you perform some sort of IO operation, such as a file extraction, a node will be added to the viewer.

Please see this picture now.

There are three things to note here:

1. Instead of the standard file image, I have integrated it into the Windows Shell to get the icons for the appropriate files. This should make navigation a little easier.

2. The Bookmarks are back! It won’t be too much different that v1.2’s system, but it will still be updated to make it even better.

3. The Action Viewer is in action. I am in the middle of extracting a Halo 3 map for demonstration purposes. Notice the progress and the path/source. This is also threaded, so while one is extracting, you can go ahead and select something else to extract and it will be put into the queue, which will process after that one is done.

Deeper Exploration into FATX

I have been doing even more extensive research to see what else I can add in. I also have assistance from Unknown v2 so we can figure out some unknowns together.

FATXplorer is already significantly faster and more efficient due to extended research. Actual writing, however, is still not done yet because I am still trying to find an efficient way to do it.

I wanted to make a video showing off the speeds, but lol, no other explorer would open my drive.. Xplorer, Xport, Xbox 360 Commander, Modio, they all failed to detect my freshly formatted 500gb drive. It is most likely because those competitors have buggy or incomplete identification systems. FATXplorer scans multiple areas of the physical drive in order to identify it, and it has not failed me yet.

I am working on a Security Sector Editor so you can view and edit various SS information.

I also plan to implement a partition creator, for advanced users.

I also plan to implement complex backup features. For the ultimate prevention of data loss.

If all goes well, I will start looking into a defragmenter. This will not be easy, but I know I can at least get a fragment viewer up and running.

Possible Price Change

I’ll be honest, I wake up, eat breakfast, and get to work. Then go out for the occasional party/vacation. I haven’t played Xbox at all this summer. I decided I would finish this before I do anything else. It was planned to be done in June, but well, it is just proving to be such a huge task. >_>

And with these new incredible features coming, the price may be raised once again. The price and date has not been decided. It may not even happen, but it is likely.

Deleted Item Viewer

So far, this feature has been a program seller. I have had more than five people ask me to help them recover files so I made a quick build and sent it to them privately. Almost all of them have made a complete recovery, some even recovered their entire game history.

If you have accidentally deleted an important file and want it back, contact support@fatxplorer.eaton-works.com to discuss it.

That concludes the update. Not a lot to show, but a lot of things are on hold while my FATX classes undergo constant modifications.