Not FATXplorer related, but I want to help out a friend of mine. He is selling a real time Halo system designed for JTAGed Xbox 360 consoles.

This will allow you to make changes in real time with a modified Alteration build.

The package will include a special xex and modifed Alteration.

Before you ask, yes, you can use this online. Use at your own risk, Bungie and or Microsoft will ban you.

If you are interested, contact Unknown v2 (stilltippinv2) over AIM.

8/16/10 Update:

This package is still for sale! Don’t fall for the free version, it is unstable and is improperly coded. Unknown v2’s package is the best.

There is no set price, it varies.

Click here to send a message to Unknown v2 to purchase this great package.