The deleted item viewer is now complete, however, after some rather intensive research on the allocation and chain freeing system, it didn’t really improve much.. All that was really done is a more effective way of repairing the file names, which should make most, if not all, files and folders appear.

To view deleted items, enable it in the settings, it is not on by default. The names will start with “(Deleted)” if they are deleted. If it is a folder, you can browse its deleted contents. Depending on the amount of fragmentation and purging, the success rate of a complete recovery is a game of chance.

If you deleted a file by accident on the dashboard, you can most likely recover it completely as long as you do not do anything else.

If you deleted your entire Content folder, some files will be recoverable, but with the massive amount of deletion, it will leave some clusters out of order and some files partially corrupted. So a complete recovery is not guaranteed there.

Yes, you’re done! Now where is the download?!

Hold on there, in order to ensure a quality release, the core features being showed off in this release will be tested an additional time and the program will be polished in a few areas. I will also need to create the alpha license, which should not take long. If everything goes well in final bug testing, you can expect a release.. tomorrow, July 8th. If something comes up, I will let you guys know. But I don’t expect any bad things to happen, so check this site tomorrow to get it!