News Feed is done. Threading didn’t exactly work well with it so I will just let it run on the main thread. The loading speed will mainly depend on the speed of your Internet connection. (Mine is extremely low, so it takes like 3 seconds.) If you don’t like it on, turn it off in the settings.

You are probably wondering what it is. It is a new feature I coded yesterday that will connect to this site’s RSS feed and display the 10 latest news articles. It displays some information on the article, as seen below, and it displays the HTML formatted content in an HTML compatible text box. So it displays everything correctly. Here is a picture of it in action:

News Feed

There is a new ribbon group (View) with a check button to view/close the viewer. By clicking the buttons on the bottom of the content text, it will bring you to the specified page. And in the settings, you can specify whether you want it to load on startup.

So yeah, that should keep you lazy people who don’t visit this website up to date. ;p

Now on to the extraction dialog for the rest of the day…

*Note that the alpha release will only support file/folder extraction from storage devices. Injection is not complete yet and still needs testing.