FATXplorer v2.0 is getting to a point where rigorous testing is needed to ensure a quality release. So I gave a few people an alpha build yesterday to test some things. One of them, however, currently does not own a license. So I figured I could just give him an extension code to extend his already-expired trial.

The extension feature has been a nice feature of the licensing system I use, but most people bought it after 3 days, so it hasn’t been used much. It has been in FATXplorer since v1.1.

FATXplorer v2.0 uses a newer licensing runtime and it appears that this new version’s extension feature is completely broken. I filed a report on their bug tracker the other day, but I find my account and report deleted soon after. Great support, eh?

I’m not wasting anymore of my time trying to fix this. So I have concluded, since the feature hasn’t really been used much, to remove the trial extension feature.

I don’t expect it to be a big problem, but I still wish I didn’t have to remove it.

The final trial period will be 7 days. The day you open the program is the day it starts. Once the trial is over, you will have to either purchase or use it on another computer.

Important: If you have previously tried FATXplorer and weren’t satisfied with it, the trial license has been reset so you will have a fresh 7 days to try out v2.0.