Here are the editions and their corresponding prices. Why am I making the price higher? Because of this:

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Let’s do some math.. Ever since the release of v1.0 back on Thanksgiving day in 2009, the program’s price has remained $20 USD. Now, look at the amount of downloads. 20 dollars x 1,512 downloads = Me losing $30,440 in profits. I am not revealing my total revenue, but that is A LOT more than I have made in total. I have put a huge amount of effort into this program and I did not make it so I could see it be pirated like this. So, in order to counter this, the price is being raised and the security being improved. If it had not been pirated like this, the price for v2.0 would most likely be lowered. So yeah, that is all I have to say on this matter. Do not bug me for discounts, they are no longer offered, no matter who you are. I hope you all understand.

And you have to keep in mind that paying for good ASP.NET hosting is not free.. If I don’t get enough to pay for it, that will lead to all sorts of problems. So please support my work by purchasing a license. Every purchase really does count.


Trial Edition: A five day free trial that comes bundled with the download. The trial will start once you open the program. If you require more time, you may contact with your limit code for a trial extension code:

Online Licensed Edition: Standard license. Once you pay, you will get a serial to enter in and then you can activate the program online with it.

Offline Licensed Edition: Non-refundable, same as the online license, but no online activation is needed. Contact to acquire this license.


Trial Edition: Free

Online Licensed Edition: $30 USD

Offline Licensed Edition: $40 USD

The prices are subject to change.

Tips on how to get $30

It’s summer! It’s the best season to get out, get a job, and get money! To get $30, you could mow your neighbors lawn once or twice and that will be enough to get $30. Or even get a nice tan by working as a life guard at your local pool! There are lots of opportunities, so don’t complain how you cannot afford it.

On 6/18/10, in preparation for v2.0, the new prices will go into effect. Even if v2.0 is not released.