Content View Tips and Tricks

Content Sorting/Filtering

Quite possibly the best feature of the entire view. There is a lot to the sorting/filtering features, so make sure to read carefully!

The official documentation from the creators of the filter features can be found here.

Selecting the column headers will toggle between sorting ascending/descending order. Everything is sorted alphabetically or chronologically, depending on the type of data.

The Column Chooser can be brought up by right clicking the column headers and by selecting Column Chooser. By default, the Content View starts with a select few of the columns that are considered the most important. However, you are able to add/remove columns at will using this window. It works by dragging and dropping the columns between the Content View and the Column Chooser window. This can help you remove useless data columns from view and make the ones you need the most visible.

By hovering over a column, you will see a small filter icon appear to the right. Clicking it displays a list of consolidated categories. By clicking one of them, the list will be filtered to only show items with that text in that column. For example, if you select Game Demo from the Content Type column filter, the list will be filtered to only show game demos. More than one filter can be applied at once. For example, if you want to show game demos for a specific game, you can apply a Title ID filter. There is a lot of flexibility here to narrow down your searches. To remove the filters, right click the filtered column header and select Clear Filter. Repeat for every column you applied a filter to.

You can also take advantage of an additional option in the column header menu: Filter Editor. This will allow you to create more advanced filters. For more information on the Filter Editor, click here.

Your customizations are saved to FATXplorer.cvcl.xml, located in the FATXplorer installation folder. You can delete this file to restore the settings to their defaults. (These settings are exclusive to the Content View, deleting them will not affect your other saved settings; these are located in FATXplorer.settings.xml.)

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