Content Transfer Tutorial

When transferring content between devices, many people will go straight to FATXplorer’s backup and restore feature. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be used to transfer content for 2 main reasons:

  1. The security sector would get wiped/swapped, which will render HDDs useless on Xbox 360 consoles.
  2. Due to the way the FATX file system works, on Xbox 360 the Content Partition would become unusable when moved to a different size disk, and on Original Xbox, it is not possible to resize partitions without reformatting them. If you are upgrading from a smaller device to a larger one, this is a big problem.

Here is how to correctly transfer your content. This has an added benefit of being much faster because you won’t be copying all the unused disk space over!

Step 1: Connect both devices to your PC. If you can only connect one at a time, that’s ok – you will just need to copy the content to your PC, like your desktop, as an intermediary step.

Step 2: Format the destination device if you haven’t already. FATXplorer can do this for you with its Formatting Tools. You should format the same partitions that the source device has. Feel free to make changes to partition and cluster sizes, as long as you know all your files will fit.

Step 3: Copy all the files from the source drives’ partitions to the destination’s. To do this, mount both partitions and just copy the files between them. It really is that simple!

You do not need to worry about the cache partitions.

On Xbox 360, the System Extended and Auxiliary partitions are optional – these have the avatar update data and you can run the latest system update to set that up later.

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