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FATXplorer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

The latest version of FATXplorer is currently, released on February 16, 2013.

FATXplorer is 100% portable. You can put it anywhere you want, even on a flash drive!

The seven day trial period starts when you first open FATXplorer. There is no way to stop the timer, so make sure you open it when you are ready!

Trial extension codes are offered if seven days is not enough time to fully evaluate all of the features. If you need an extension, contact FATXplorer support.

Xbox 360 Memory Unit Driver

Installation of this driver is essential for FATXplorer’s device detection¬†engine to detect memory-units like the one pictured below.

NOTE: This driver is ONLY for memory-units, you can see a picture of one above. You don’t need to install this driver if you aren’t using that device.

  • Eaton

    Thanks for the update, good to hear it worked out!

  • l FLAMEZ l

    Does this work on the latest dash? (was a dash update recently)

  • Eaton

    The USB patches? Yes, they were recently updated for the latest dashboard and can be provided on request.

  • fjksa

    can you make a mac os version please?? Ive been searching everywhere for this

  • Eaton

    Hi fjksa, thank you for the suggestion, but a Mac version is not planned at this time. I would suggest dual-booting Windows to enjoy FATXplorer.

  • John Z

    This doesn’t make any sense. I have tried the 7-day trial program but virtually none of the usable features can be tried on the 7-day trial program. Not sure I’d want to spend $30 not knowing whether it’d work as intended, when almost all critical features are locked down.

  • Eaton

    Hi John, typically, all of the “one-time-use” features are locked down. Is there a feature you believe should not be blocked? Some of the formatters will be unblocked in the next update.

  • RastaDan2143
  • RastaDan2143

    this program does work i shared a link below ,tutorial how to setup external Hdd on xbox 360 xbox 1

  • RastaDan2143
  • RastaDan2143

    if you are softmodding an original xbox upgrade the internal Hdd that is the proper way of going about that

  • RastaDan2143

    try using program on a different pc

  • RastaDan2143

    if you own a Xbox 360 buy this program it is well worth the price actually for how much it helps its worth even more than what they sell it for why buy xbox 360 hdd with this program you can turn any ext hdd into an xbox 360 hdd

  • RastaDan2143

    dude this program is Awesome it does work check the link i posted above program works awesome its super easy to use if you are having probs try on different pc

  • Jason B

    My son has an Xbox 360 w/ a 20GB (or 25GB) HDD> For Christmas I bought him a 120GB drive (and a transfer cable) thinking that it would be easy to move stuff from point A to point B. I’ve spent a few days/hours working on this and nothing I am trying works.


    This app (fatxplorer) looks like it may work – but again I have no clue.

    This shouldn’t be this hard – but then again I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to Xbox.

    Any help would be appreciated. AT this point I wish I could just pay someone to do it for me…

  • Eaton

    Hi Jason, it’s very easy to transfer content with FATXplorer, here’s a basic rundown on how to do it:
    1. Integrate the first drive’s Content Partition into Windows and copy the Content folder to your computer somewhere.
    2. Disconnect the drive and connect the destination drive.
    3. Mount that drive’s Content Partition and copy the Content folder that is now on your PC onto the new drive.

    Doing a copy and paste of the Content folder is a complete transfer of all your content.

  • Jason B

    If it is as easy as a copy and paste (copy all content from old HDD to PC, paste all content from PC to new HDD). I’m in! As soon as I get home I’ll purchase and move the stuff!

  • Eaton

    Yup! If you need any help doing it, send in a support request here and I can answer any questions:

  • bob

    I can’t integrate it just says that the file already exists and I can’t see the drive anywhere

  • Eaton

    Hi Bob, you selected a drive letter that is currently in use. Pick another one and it will work fine.

  • Daniel

    Can i use FatXplorer to reformat my original xbox 360 hard drive that i have previously formatted on a pc?

    I have no back up of the harddrive i didn’t think that formatting on my pc would prevent it from working on the xbox.

    The reason why i formatted the harddrive was because i suspected the hard drive to be faulty and the only way i knew to be sure was to format it and use SMART to check it had a few bad sectors and i managed to get some fixed by fully wiping the drive it currently only has one bad sector. I need to reformat so i can use it on the xbox again.

    My xbox will not recognize the harddrive it makes a horrible churning noise coming from the harddrive when i load it up

  • Eaton

    Hi Daniel, unfortunately FATXplorer will not be helpful in this case. When you formatted the drive you erased something called the Security Sector. It is different for every drive and once lost, the drive is no longer usable on any Xbox 360 console and there’s no way to fix it unless you made a backup of it.

    More info:

    If the drive is making noises you should definitely just replace it. I wouldn’t risk data loss.

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