Before downloading FATXplorer, make sure you have…

  • Windows Vista SP2 or
  • Windows 7 SP1 or
  • Windows 8/8.1 or
  • Windows 10 (Windows Integration not supported, yet)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Download this if FATXplorer doesn’t open)

The latest version of FATXplorer is currently, released on June 9, 2015Version History and Change Logs

Are you looking for a version that still supports USB patching/formatting? Click here to download the 64bit (x64) version or here for the 32bit (x86) version. The USB patching/formatting features were removed in v2.5.4 because they are no longer needed. Click here for more information.

The seven day trial period starts when you first open FATXplorer. There is no way to stop the timer, so make sure you open it when you are ready!

Trial extension codes are offered if seven days is not enough time to fully evaluate all of the features. If you need an extension, contact FATXplorer support.

Xbox 360 Memory Unit Driver

Installation of this driver is necessary for FATXplorer’s device detection engine to detect memory-units (MUs). If you do not have a memory-unit that looks like the one pictured below, you do not need to install this driver.

  • Eaton

    Hi, the 48F10172A.360 file is actually a crash dump file that the system makes, uploads to the Xbox Live servers, and then deletes. It is not important to you and you shouldn’t worry about recovering it.

    The Add Content command is the correct procedure. Unfortunately if it complained about the file being corrupt, there’s nothing we can do about that gave save, it’s been overwritten or was fragmented.

    Every game has their own special save format. Some large, some small. All are stored the following way:

    Content\[profile]\[game folder]0000001

    Before adding any content, make sure you have recovered all data you need, as adding new data may cause other deleted files to become corrupt.

    If you have more questions, you should send in a support request here so the comment section doesn’t get flooded, thanks!

  • Blake

    Will you ever develop for mac?

  • Eaton

    Hi Blake, check out the poll that is currently active:

    It’s been up for quite some time and unfortunately there is little to no demand for Mac. So there probably isn’t going to be a Mac version.

  • Blake

    Ok thanks, Im actually installing Windows via VMware right now

  • Ronald Youmans Jr.

    I’m new to this but here’s my problem, my 250 GB HD was getting full so I got a 320gb HD from my wife’s friend who got one from eBay or Amazon, I connected it with the data transfer cable and after about 3 or 4 hours finally got everything transferred over, awesome. It was working just fine, so I left on a trip a few days later and my wife texts me a pic of an E68 error, I check it out as soon as I get home, find out its the 320gb HD, the 250 gb works just fine but when I put the 320gb back in it makes a couple clicking noises then 3 chirps then E68, I’ve tried everything I can think of, I connected it to a laptop and it downloaded some drivers, it’s recognized as a mass storage device but makes the same noises and I still can’t see anything on it and don’t know what to do, I really just want to get my saves back, I’ve got hundreds of hours worth of saves, years of data, please help me.

  • Eaton

    Hi Ronald, sorry to hear about this! There’s two options:

    1. Restore the deleted copies on the 250 GB (not recommended)
    2. Recover the files from the failed HDD.

    Let’s try #2 first.

    Connect your drive to your PC again and this time try using FATXplorer to open it.
    If the drive shows up, but FATXplorer gives you an error message when trying to do anything with it, you will want to go into the recovery service, more details on this page:

    If it drive doesn’t show up in FATXplorer, more advanced steps will be needed.

    Let me know what happens.

  • Nitai Agour

    i just buy the program and i want to format and patch a usb hdd but i dont want to update my dashboard so

    someone knows how to download older version because i dont want to make my purchase for nothing

  • Eaton

    Just responded to your email.

    To anyone else: I will add a download for the last version that supported USBs for those who aren’t able to update their dashboard.

  • Kristian Williams

    im just using the triial at the moment and im new to this type of tech stuff so i dont really know what the files mean or anything all i want to do is recover my stuff back so that my xbox detects it because i have tried recovering random things and when i plugged it into my xbox t was still empty. long story short how do i identify the files i want and recover them?

  • Eaton

    Hi, if you don’t know what the files/folders mean I highly recommend using the Content View. That’s the easiest way to manage your content.

    However, if you are trying to recover something, give me more details on what went wrong so I can try to provide the best solution.

  • Kristian Williams

    sorry i was also meant to say every time i try to recover something the way the the programme tells me to at the top or adding the content back it says “access to path denied” i roughly know what it means but dont know how to ‘clear the path’

  • Eaton

    That issue should be fixed in the latest version. Download the latest version from this page and it shouldn’t happen anymore.

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